Proper Tire TLC with Our Skilled Technicians Here at Lithia Ford of Klamath Falls

Keeping your tires gripping the road is of the utmost importance so proper tire care will keep your tread deep and your ride smooth as silk. Since the front tires on your vehicle carry up to 60% of the weight, getting them rotated from time to time with our professional technicians will save you stress - and money - down the road.

Maintaining the balance of the tires is another important maintenance procedure. This service will help prevent annoying tire vibrations at certain speeds. These vibrations can also result in patchy tire wear, which is also prevented with this service.

Schedule Your Tire Rotation & Alignment in Klamath Falls, Today!

An alignment is another service to consider. Our technicians recommend having the alignment checked at least every 6,000 miles, and adjusted as needed. This adjustment pulls the angle of the wheels to within the manufacturer's specifications. This helps prevent excessive inner and outer tread wear, thereby prolonging the life of the tires.

Along with all of this maintenance, make sure you check the tire pressure regularly, as low or high tire pressure can lead to excessive tire wear too.

Trained to deal with tires of all types, our mechanics can give yours the proper care they deserve, help find any problems they may have, and even offer you a new set from our selection of parts and accessories. No matter the time of year, no matter the weather, we'll be here to keep you cruising with confidence. If there are any burning questions that you need answers for on your car or any services that we may offer, feel free to stop by the shop or give us a call. We want our guest to have all of the information they need right in front of them, so it is our pleasure to go over your needs.


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