The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is Pure Comfort

When purchasing a vehicle for you and your family, there are a heck of a lot of things to consider. Do you prioritize comfort, convenience, or just get a vehicle that does a combination of all those things? At Lithia Ford of Klamath Falls, we see a slew of curious customers who aren't quite sure what they want, and many of them end up satisfied with a Ford Transit Passenger Wagon.

The Passenger Wagon is quite a versatile vehicle, capable of carrying a whole lot of individuals - fifteen to be exact. To do so, it mixes pragmatism with convenience. Features like an audio system with four- and eight-inch screens mean your passengers will always be entertained, while comfortable seats make it easy for everybody to sit back and relax on a long ride.

To learn more about whether the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is the right fit for you, come visit us here at Lithia Ford of Klamath Falls to try one out for a test drive!


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