Look Closer at These Ford Escape Technology Features

When the new Ford Escape was delivered here at Lithia Ford of Klamath Falls, our team grew excited at the thought of sharing the details of the safety features in this popular crossover with our audience.

In an effort to help avoid rear-end crashes on the roads, your new Ford Escape is equipped with a Pre-Collision Assist feature for just that reason. Radar technology scans the road ahead of the vehicle and can detect the threat of a collision. If present, you'll receive visual warnings followed by the brakes powering down to assist in stopping in time.

The new Ford Escape has a unique feature that can help you from driving while tired or distracted. If your vehicle begins to drift out of the lanes unintentionally, the Lane-Keeping System will recognize the trouble and alert the driver to correct their location. A series of vibrations sent through the steering wheel simulate driving over rumble strips and grab the driver's attention.



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