Lithia Ford of Klamath Falls is Ready to Introduce you to the Tech Updates on the Ford Ranger

The new Ford Ranger really does have a lot to offer. Sure, it has been a popular midsize truck for a long time, but the people at Ford want to continue to impress, and they have done so with the following.

Auto High Beams

Many people have driven in pitch black conditions at least once, or perhaps you are worried that it may happen at some point. You have high beams, but they could be much more intuitive with the Ranger.

These auto high beams sense poor lighting conditions and automatically light up. They even automatically dim if they sense oncoming lights so that you don't blind other drivers. We thought this was an impressive feature people can use while driving in Klamath Falls at night.

Rear View Camera

The rearview mirror does not catch everything. There is a lot of space behind a vehicle, especially a large one like the Ranger that you are missing. Well, you can feel more at peace knowing that you have a rearview camera helping you see everything behind you. You are safer, and those around you are safer while you're backing up.

We cannot wait to see your face when you check out this vehicle. If you are anything like us, you are going to be excited as you take your test drive.



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