The Ford Focus RS Technology Features: We're Loving This

Some cars are released in other areas of the world before they reach the US. Crazy, right? Well, the Ford Focus RS was one of those designs that hadn't made it to the US yet. It was released in other markets and tested first. The RS is a hatch version of Ford's Focus brand, which gets amazing fuel economy while also delivering a very sporty, modern design. The interior makes you feel like a tech superhero with SYNC 3 helping you carry out commands on your synced up iPhone or Android.

In addition, the interiors are just roomier than in previous designs. The audio system can be upgraded to feature over 10 speakers, but it's the music, navigation, and safety control from the driver's seat that makes the technology so effortless in this vehicle. You can simply control it all as if you were in a command center.

Want to test drive? Go for a spin at Lithia Ford of Klamath Falls.



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