The Ford Super Duty Will Perform Every Job Perfectly

The Ford Super Duty is exactly the type of heavy-duty truck that its name implies: a truck that delivers super performance for any type of duty. Super strong and super tough, the Ford Super Duty is built for work and built to last.

Constructed with the only high-strength, military-grade aluminum body in this class of trucks, the Ford Super Duty is light yet strong. This alloy is more resistant to dents and to rust corrosion. By saving weight in the body, the Ford now has more steel in the frame, which results in a truck that has class-leading towing and payload capabilities. The Ford Super Duty is also the only pickup truck in its class to have a solid front axle on all 4x4 models.

Rugged and durable, the Ford Super Duty will deliver all the performance you require from a work truck. Come in to Lithia Ford of Klamath Falls today for a test drive of one of these exciting trucks. You will be impressed with its pure strength and quality.



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