Research the Ford Co-Pilot360

Ford has announced that it will release the new Ford Co-Pilot360 with its 2019 SUVs, trucks, and cars. This is a host of innovative driver-assist technologies that help to keep you and your passengers safe. Our staff at Lithia Ford of Klamath Falls always keep our Klamath Falls consumers informed about the new innovations that come with our models, so you can read about the Ford Co-Pilot360 below.

A Lane Keeping System is included with the Ford Co-Pilot360. This system helps you stay in your lane by using a forward-facing camera to monitor for unintentional lane drift. If the system detects that you are getting too close to the lane markers, the steering wheel will vibrate, and it can also engage steering torque to help you safely get back into the center of the lane.

A Blind Spot Information System is also offered with the Ford Co-Pilot. When a vehicle is detected in your blind spot, you will be warned with a signal that will appear on your side-view mirror.



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